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Did you know that skydiving is a fun, exciting activity that will bring you a sense of freedom? Experience this freedom with Parachuting Alexandria! We offer various skydiving packages so that you can get the greatest delight from this thrilling activity. Skydiving is the perfect way for you to let go of all the worries of the world and experience freedom in the skies. Many people have said that they would like to experience skydiving at least once in their lifetime. If you’re one of those who consider skydiving to be on his or her bucket list, we guarantee that it’s an adventure you’ll never forget and something that you can tell your future grandkids about. Skydiving can be done solo or in tandem with a certified instructor. Whichever option you choose, it is sure to be an exhilarating experience. Make sure to try it as soon as you can.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Alexandria, Virginia Tandem Parachuting - Alexandria Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

This is the most popular choice for beginners, since you can go through the experience without having to worry too much about details. Throughout the whole jump, you will be harnessed onto one of our certified instructors, who will be the one to perform all the legwork. All you need to do is get on that plane, and when the instructor tells you to jump, go for it! No need to worry about anything!

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Solo Parachuting in Alexandria, Virginia - Alexandria Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

This is the ideal option for those who want to skydive solo in the future. Once you complete all levels in our skydiving school, you will be a certified skydiver. There are seven levels to complete, getting progressively challenging, but do not worry! Our instructors will steer you through them so that you can get your certification as quickly as possible. This is the jump-off for many professional skydivers and instructors.

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Alexandria, Virginia Parachuting Gift Certificates - Alexandria Parachuting

Gift Certificates

It’s possible to give someone a skydiving opportunity thanks to our gift certificates. It’s a wonderful present for someone celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. Isn’t it a great feeling to observe the shock on people’s faces when they see something unexpected? Imagine their face when they read the card and see that they’ve been gifted with a skydiving experience. You can help people scratch skydiving off their bucket list.

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Jump for Fun!

Skydiving looks to be a scary activity to someone who hasn’t experienced it before, but when you ask someone who has, they always tell you that it’s the best feeling in the world. Skydiving is a fun activity whether you go on your own, or join other jumpers and perform aerial acrobatics and other stunts. You can go for Jumps For Fun any time you want to if you’re already a certified skydiver.

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A Distinctive View of Old Town – From Up Above

The city of Alexandria, VA, is located southwest of the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. To the east is the Potomac River, and the city is just south of Arlington County and northeast of Fairfax County.

One of the landmarks of the city is “Old Town” which is located in the center of Alexandria. It’s full of antique shops, boutiques, theaters, and more. It is a major tourist destination and it’s certainly an interesting view from the skies. Imagine gliding down with your chute open and seeing the historic buildings, such as the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, come closer to your view.

Alexandria has a humid subtropical climate; evident in the hot summers and mild winters which make the city a perfect place for skydiving during any season.

Alexandria, Virginia Parachuting

Alexandria, Virginia Tandem Skydiving - Alexandria Parachuting

Tandem Jumps: An Intro to Skydiving

Perhaps you have been viewing skydiving videos on YouTube and imagining what it’s like to be up in the air, free falling through the sky. Now stop the video viewing and take action in order for it to become a reality! We recommend that you try our Tandem Jump, which is basically skydiving with one of our certified instructors harnessed on to you. All you need to do is follow his instructions, jump, and he will take care of all the rest. Enjoy the view, enjoy the thrill, and don’t forget to scream joyfully!

The Tandem Jump utilizes specialized equipment: goggles, passenger harness, the container which includes your main parachute and a drogue chute (a necessity in Tandem Jumps), a reserve chute, and an Automatic Activation Device (AAD). The AAD monitors the jumper’s speed and altitude, so that if there’s an emergency the reserve chute will deploy. The drogue chute is a smaller chute attached to the main one. Its aim is to provide supplementary resistance.

The process of the whole jump is quite simple. Simply arrive at the drop zone earlier than scheduled so that you can familiarize yourself with the facilities and meet your instructor. He will then brief you and you can take this opportunity to ask any questions. Dress up in the proper gear and when ready, board the plane along with your instructor. Wait for your instructor’s ‘go’ signal as to when to jump. Finally, jump, have fun, and make an epic landing!

Drop Zones: Perfect For Family and Friends

A drop zone is the place where skydivers land. Our drop zones here at Parachuting Alexandria are more than just a simple landing place. It’s a venue where your family and friends can watch you parachute down and make your first landing.

We’ve set up comfortable seating so that your guests can relax while you are nervously jumping off the plane. There are refreshments, snacks, and other amenities available at some of our locations. Picnic tables are available in case they want to bring their own food. The important thing is that they are relaxed, comfortable, and having a good time while waiting for you to come down. For extra fun, they can bring their recording devices so that they can film the moments leading up to your momentous landing. It’s a sure way to have proof that you went skydiving.

For any inquiries about our drop zones, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Capture The Momentous Occasion on Video!

Your guests are encouraged to bring their cameras to capture each moment of your skydive, especially your historic landing. However, one downside is that they will only be able to record from their perspective, which is on the ground. Isn’t it better if the entire occasion is recorded, including the time you’re in the plane, jumping off, and plummeting through the sky, up until landing? That is possible because we have trained videographers ready to capture those moments.

Our videographers are also expert skydivers, so they will jump with you to capture your facial expressions while you’re in the air. They will get the best angles and make sure that the entire skydive is captured into one whole story.

If you want to be a skydiving videographer in the future, you need to pursue professional skydiving. We encourage you to keep on reading so that you can find out how.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Alexandria, Virginia

Skydiving Academy: Get Certified Quickly!

Perhaps you want to be a solo skydiver or even a professional one. Don’t worry! Parachuting Alexandria is the right place to come. With assistance from our FAA-certified skydiving instructors, we can help you get certified in no time. Our comprehensive training is offered in two different styles – Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression (S/L).

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

This course is more suitable for you if you wish to get your certification in as little time as possible. You can attempt your first solo free fall after around seven hours of ground instruction. This course has seven levels that you have to complete.

Levels 1 to 3 – These earlier levels will require two instructors to jump with you. You will receive specific instruction on altitude awareness, body position, stability, the pull sequence, and how to properly deploy your parachute.

Levels 4 to 7 – These high levels consist of “in the air” skills, including forward movement, mid-air turns, docking onto other jumpers, and performing proper exits from the plane.

After all seven levels are completed, you will enter into an integrated student program where you will need to complete the required 25 jumps for the certification.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

This traditional form of training will basically ask you to jump from 3,000 feet above ground level. The main chute will then be deployed thru a static line that is attached to the aircraft. You will experience about a two to three minute fall.

The entire process is as follows:

  • Four hours of ground instruction
  • Jump
  • 15 minutes of ground instruction
  • Second jump
  • Instruction on deploying the chute
  • Three more jumps
  • Successive jumps with varying height levels (going higher each jump)

After successfully completing 25 jumps, you can now apply for your “A” license.

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Reward Someone With An Unforgettable Skydiving Experience!

Do you know someone who would love to go skydiving? Perhaps you would like to give him or her a free jump, courtesy of our Gift Certificates. The Gift Certificate allows the recipient to go for a Tandem Jump or an AFF Level 1 jump. It is the ideal present for a special occasion – birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, work promotion, and more. It certainly isn’t a present he or she would expect, and it will be a shocking surprise!

If, for any reason, the recipient would be unable to perform the jump, don’t worry. These gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase, and are transferable between individuals and locations (although some fees may be charged). The two-year period is a nice addition, since it gives time for your recipient to look for a free day (with the perfect weather) to perform the jump. It also gives them time to take a look at the benefits of taking a Tandem Jump, where the instructor will take care of all necessities.

Our gift certificates can be purchased by simply calling us any day of the week. Our friendly customer service representatives are always ready to take any call.

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Alexandria, Virginia Parachuting Video Packages

Have Your Entire Skydiving Experience Professionally Filmed!

What’s better than skydiving? It’s your skydive recorded on video, thereby allowing you to review the experience again and again! Keep the video until you get older so that you can show your future children and grandchildren how much of a daredevil you are.

There are two options – videography or GoPro. The GoPro option means that the instructor you’re jumping with will have the GoPro camera attached to his helmet, thereby getting up-close footage. The main drawback of the GoPro option is that there might be footage not taken because the instructor has to be focused on multiple tasks – including the legwork for the jump.

The videographer option means that there is a professional videographer, who is an expert skydiver, that will jump with you. The main drawback here is that it’s costlier. However, this option allows for more complete footage since the videographer’s primary focus is to record your amazing jump. He will interview you before you step into the plane, right before jumping off, and after you make your landing. He might jump slightly ahead of you so that he can position himself to get the best angles. He will also land before you so he can film your momentous landing.

How to Properly Film A Skydive

The skydiving videographer is an essential part of any jump. First-time skydivers will have a better overall experience if they receive video of their jump. Skydiving competitions use a videographer in order to judge acrobatics and formations in the sky. However, properly filming a skydive isn’t as easy as pulling out a camera and pressing the record button. Here are some tips on how to properly film a skydive.

  1. Be a certified skydiver first. This is the most essential part. Skydiving properly is needed before you tackle another skill such as videography.
  2. Acquire the right equipment for the job. A guitar player has the proper guitar and pedals he needs in order to play music well; the videographer should have the proper equipment too, such as a lightweight camera, memory card with large storage space, and a special mountable helmet.
  3. Learn the proper shooting techniques. Ask any photographer and they will tell you that lighting is essential to getting a good shot. The same principle applies in taking video. Always know where the sun is in order to position yourself properly. Otherwise, you will end up with a video full of shadows and unrecognizable faces.

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Whether you are looking to experience skydiving for the first time, or looking to study the nuances of skydiving in order to be a certified skydiver, Parachuting Alexandria is the perfect place. Try out a Tandem Jump if you wish to simply experience something unique. If you want someone else to experience it, you can give a gift certificate. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Our well-trained and courteous customer service representatives are ready to pick up the phone. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to see you skydive soon! Alexandria serves the below cities within the Alexandria, VA area:
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