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Do you know what it’s like to skydive, to soar through the skies effortlessly plummeting to the ground as the wind rushes against your face and body, taking in all the sights that your city has to offer? There’s no activity quite like it in the world, especially once you pull your parachute and float safely to the ground, slowing down enough that you can take in everything at a leisurely pace. Albuquerque, NM offers plenty of natural beauty that will keep you busy as you fly through the sky, enjoying an experience that is truly like no other. The great thing about this is that skydiving and parachuting really aren’t all that expensive, and they can be a cheap and great way to get an adrenaline fix.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Tandem Parachuting - Albuquerque Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Take the safest leap into the sky and fly tandem with a trained instructor who will make sure that your flight is as safe and fun as humanly possible. You won’t have to worry about when to pull the parachute because your instructor will do that for you. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the descent as you fly over the skies of Albuquerque, NM. Enjoy your flight today!

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Solo Parachuting in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Albuquerque Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of leaping into the air and parachuting safely to the ground, the skydiving academy is your chance to do so. We have trained and experienced instructors who will walk you through every step of the process, from the proper way to leap to how you should pull the chute. We will take care of everything so that you can have fun.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Parachuting Gift Certificates - Albuquerque Parachuting

Gift Certificates

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to come up with a good gift for a friend or family member, rack no more. If you give the gift of human flight, you’ll be guaranteeing that they’ll have an experience that they’ll never forget. The great thing about this gift is that it can be redeemed at just about any location that your loved one is near, so they don’t necessarily have to redeem it at the Albuquerque, NM location.

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Jump for Fun!

If you’ve been looking for a unique way to get your adrenaline fix, look no further than a parachuting leap from the skies of Albuquerque, NM. There are plenty of incredible views to take in on your way down, including the flowing waters of the Rio Grande. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will have you in disbelief the whole way down. You’ll be able to look back on this experience as a dear memory.

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Change Your Perspective – Parachute Over Albuquerque

The first thing that you’ll notice about Albuquerque, NM is it’s at an elevation of 5,312’. This elevation will provide some truly unique sights as you’re parachuting safely to the ground. The average weather is 61°F, so it’ll be warm and temperate enough to best facilitate a jump while remaining chilly enough to keep you awake and feeling alive. It’s also a very popular site for hot air ballooning, so you just might get a glimpse of a balloon on your descent.

The city straddles the Rio Grande, so you’ll get a gorgeous view of the waterway from high up above.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Parachuting

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps – Fly Tandem with Albuquerque

Tandem jumps are the most recommended jumps for first time jumpers because they allow all of the functional responsibilities of the jump to be facilitated by a Federal Aviation Administration certified instructor. This lets you get all the amazing experiences that comes along with a skydive and parachute without any of the danger. You’ll be soaring at about 14,000 feet above ground level, taking in the Rio Grande.

The first thing you’ll be doing is getting to your drop zone earlier than your scheduled jump. This way, you can figure out everything about the facilities and look at where your family and friends are going to meet up with you once you land. You’ll meet up with your skydiving instructor, who will show you how to position your body in the air to get the most out of your jump. You’ll be shown a quick video on what it’s like to fly tandem and be suited up in the awesome gear.

Once you’re in the aircraft and soaring through the sky, your instructor will attach themselves to you, and you’ll prepare to jump. After that, you’ll move toward the doorway right over the back wheel and make your jump. At this point, you’ll be more than 10,000 feet in the air and will eventually be reaching speeds of up to 120 mph. After a while, your instructor will pull the parachute, and you’ll float safely to the ground. You’ll have an epic landing and a memory that will last forever.

All the Amenities in Albuquerque

The sights on the way down won’t be the only way for you to enjoy the experience. Before you take flight, we have comfortable seating inside at our drop zones. We’ve also got nice seating on the outside for your friends and family to take advantage of while they’re waiting for you to touch ground. You might even find that there are other amenities at the drop zone, such as food for sale and even picnic tables where you can bring lunches to enjoy either before or after the flight. There are drinks for purchase as well, which will come in handy if you’re jumping in the middle of summer and need some nice refreshment to cool you down. Location specifics definitely apply in this kind of a situation, so check in with the individual location in Albuquerque, NM to see what applies there.

Get Full Service with

You’re going to want your guests to bring cameras in order to document every part of the adventure and the natural beauty of Albuquerque, NM. If you’re looking for a way to document this adventure forever, you can take advantage of our videography option that will allow you to keep this memory of your flight forever. You should also keep in mind that tandem skydives can be purchased with a gift certificate, so you don’t have to just rely on paying for the experience yourself. This would be a great time for you to request that your friends and family pitch in for a gift certificate that will ensure you have the coolest experience possible. Once you get there, you’ll learn everything there is to know about your jump, including how long it will take you to reach the ground and other important notes.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Skydiving Academy – Learn to Fly with Us

Skydiving training is recommended to anyone who wants to either fly solo or professionally. All of our instruction at Albuquerque is facilitated by FAA certified skydivers. This allows you to train and be certified by the FAA and train others. The teachings are tailor-made to your level of progress. For Accelerated Free Fall, you’ll be accelerated toward getting your certification. You’ll have certified instructors jumping along with you, making sure you get everything right. There aren’t as many hours of training associated with AFF, so you can get airborne quickly.

Accelerated Free Fall

Your first free fall in AFF will be at 10,000-12,000 feet AGL, and instructors will maintain physical contact to make sure you’re getting every part of the jump right. You might experience up to 50 seconds of free fall with this option. You’ll receive instruction in a number of areas, such as altitude awareness, body position, stability, and a variety of other pertinent skills. You’ll also learn turns and forward movement so that you can fully adjust your position while airborne. Every jump you take part in will likely be filmed by one of the instructors, so you can watch the footage later and figure out where you can make improvements in the future.

Static Line Progression

For Static Line Progression, on the other hand, you’ll be launching at about 3,000 feet AGL. Your parachute will be deployed by a static line attached to the vehicle, allowing you to slowly soar over Albuquerque, NM for two to three minutes. You can expect four to five hours of ground instruction or 15 minutes of ground instruction for subsequent jumps. The static line will be the thing that deploys the parachute at every jump you undertake in this version. This is different from AFF, but is just as fun.

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Gift Certificates – Give the Gift of Flight

If you’ve got a special person in your life who you think would benefit from receiving the gift of flight over the skies of Albuquerque, NM, consider getting them one of’s gift certificates. These certificates can be put toward tandem skydives or AFF level one jumps. The great thing about these gift certificates is that they are fully transferrable between person and location. This means that even if you can’t make it to beautiful Albuquerque, NM, you can enjoy the gift of flight.

These gift certificates are good for two years, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of a flight and parachuting adventure. These are great gifts for holidays or milestones like birthdays or graduations. It’s been scientifically proven that people get more lasting enjoyment out of an experiences than out of objects, so this will be the best way to give your loved ones an experience that they won’t forget anytime soon. Even if you want to give it to them just because, there’s always a reason for giving the gift of flight to someone you love.

These gift certificates are easily obtained by getting in contact with us. Our super helpful customer service representatives are available seven days a week and will always be able to help you out with any issues you might have.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Packages – Shoot the Skies with

The great thing about purchasing our professional videography option is that it will forever enshrine your parachuting experience for years to come. Memories come and go, but effortlessly falling through the sky will live forever. You can choose from two options when it comes to our videography option. You can either have a cameraperson jump alongside you and film the whole experience, or you can choose to have your skydiving instructor wear a GoPro to get up close and personal and record your every reaction.

Both options are competitively priced, but the professional cameraperson option will cost slightly more. This is because there will be another jumper going along with you and manning the camera as you all plummet toward the ground. The cameraperson will record your apprehensive thoughts before you even board the plane, showing you what you were thinking before you jump. They’ll record your thoughts until the time you jump. They’ll be leaving first to best capture your reactions.

They’ll capture all of your various quirks as you’re soaring and will land slightly before you so that they can record your landing. They’ll even capture your immediate reactions once you touch the ground. The video will be edited and ready for you to pick up within the hour, so you can bring your memories home with you. This will really enhance the experience, especially if it’s your first skydiving experience.

Filming the Fall

A profession that really doesn’t get enough credit is the camera flyer, soaring effortlessly through the skies while simultaneously filming your entire experience. It takes immense concentration and dedication to get this part of the job right, considering there’s only one opportunity and you absolutely have to get it right the first time. They’ll be falling through the expanse of sky at about 14,000 feet, filming plenty of footage before pulling their own parachute to ensure a safe landing.

There are plenty of professional opportunities afforded to those who are certified, so it’s cool that some people decide they’re going to dedicate their time to capturing the elation and joy of people diving through the sky for the first time. The cameras involved are top end, and you can imagine the level of concentration that’s necessary to ensure the best shots are used while at the same time making sure the camera isn’t lost.

You take that leap into the blue with a parachute strapped to your back and a precious camera in your hands. Wind whips your hair, your face, enveloping your ears. Feet above you, a newcomer is flying, their screams of joy as loud as if you were right next to them. You capture everything from the moment you leave the plane until touchdown. You’re a camera flyer.

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The best way to get that ultimate adrenaline rush is to give us a call today and get yourself booked on a flight over the beautiful skies of Albuquerque, NM. Go ahead and take a tandem jump, enjoying the temperate climes as you soar effortlessly toward the ground. If you’re not ready to fly but still want to somehow get involved, you can always give the gift of flight by purchasing one of our gift certificates for a loved one. Our customer service representatives are available seven days a week to help you out with that. We appreciate you checking out our website and thinking of us. Albuquerque serves the below cities within the Albuquerque, NM area:
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