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Australian Grandma Takes Birthday Skydive

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Taking the age-old adage that you’re never too old to try something new to heart, a Rockingham grandmother took the ultimate leap of faith. Lois Keys celebrated her eightieth birthday with a skydive last week, landing on the stunning backdrop of Rockingham Beach in Western Australia. The grandma-of-four jumped out a plane at 14,000 feet along with her instructor, Leo …

Maine Veterans Project pioneers new ground through skydiving

What a Rush! Veterans Take to the Maine Skies in the Windy Warrior Adrenaline Therapy Project

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The Windy Warrior Adrenaline Therapy project is giving back to veterans in an unusual way – giving them the thrill of a lifetime through skydiving! The first adventure took place airborne at 10,000 feet in Pittsfield Maine, with two local veterans taking to the big blue sky with the help of this adventurous program. The aim is to give those …

Skydiver photographs golfers during Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon

Skydiver photographs golfers during Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon

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The viral image of three golfers playing a round during the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon was taken by a skydiver. The internet quickly questioned the validity of this spectacular and shocking photograph of unconcerned golfers putting away on the golf course as an inferno blazed on in the background. Many believed it was created in photoshop. However, the photographer …

Popular World Skydiver Gives Skydiving Advice

Popular World Skydiver Gives Skydiving Advice

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Don Kellner is a world renown skydiver. He owns the skydiving business Hazleton Regional Airport in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Currently, Kellner holds the Guinness World Record for over 44,000 skydives. He has had a skydiving business for over 56 years. Kellner said that despite carefully planning a parachute landing, it is hard to carry it out completely according to that …

WW2 Veteran Skydivies

WWII Veteran Celebrates Birthday with Skydive

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Chuck Chapeta, 91, peered out of an airplane door before plunging two and a half miles to the ground. Chapeta and his tandem instructor Kazu Oyama from Skydive Midwest dropped 8,000 feet before deploying their parachute. “Then we coasted down like we were on a cloud,” Chapeta said. “I was very calm. My heart wasn’t pounding,” he said. “I never …

Jumping Records and HALO Parachuting

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Have you ever heard of HALO skydiving? It’s the next big thing in extreme sports, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love it. HALO stands for high altitude low opening, and these kinds of jumps come from the military, where they are sometimes a necessity. While a normal high altitude jump would have you falling from about 15,000 to …

Golden Knights Military Parachuting

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The greatest parachute team on the planet may be the US Army’s Golden Knights. These amazing aerialists can trace their roots back nearly 60 years. They’ve been wowing crowds and winning competition with their incredible stunts and tricks from the very beginning. Their name shows exactly who they are. The “golden” represents the color of the medals they win, and …

Formation of the Parachute Regiment

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Minute from Prime Minister to Chiefs of Staff, 22nd June 1940: The formation of the British Airborne Forces followed this minute from the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Military parachuting, however, was not new. In 1936 the Russian Army repulsed an Afghan invasion of Tajikistan by dropping 1200 men, 150 light machine guns and eighteen light field guns in the area. …

Paraplanes and Parachuting

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The development of the first mass-produced powered parachute took approximately two and one-half years. As aeronautical Engineer, Steve Snyder, was implementing and perfecting the use of square ram-air parachutes, which had properties of a lifting wing, he found that increased glide ratios were developed. He therefore assumed that if the person or payload suspended under the chute had some thrust …

A Brief History of the Paragunners of WWII

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Markham Valley, New Guinea. 5 September 1943. Screened by dense smoke, paratroopers of 503 US Paratroop Infantry Regiment and gunners of 2/4th Australian Field Regiment with their 25 Pounders land unopposed at Nadzab, during the advance of 7th Australian Division on Lae. Gunner Robbie Robertson exited badly and plummeted head first downwards. Suddenly, he heard a loud crack and was …

A Brief History of Parachuting Airborne Forces

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In April 1914, Charles Broadwick invented the back pack container, his design resembled a sleeveless coat, the canopy and suspension lines were stowed on the back, the apex was attached to a static line on the back with a breakaway tie and a static line that could be hooked anywhere available. It was similar to the design used today. He …