Drone safety systems company ParaZero Israel Ltd has announced that its drone safety system has managed to successfully save hundreds of thousands of dollars in payloads that were mounted on a commercial drone that nearly crashed a couple of weeks ago. The mission had been executed by a commercial drone operator working in homeland security.

ParaZero‘s drone safety system quickly detected a failure in the flight and deployed a ballistic parachute during the operation. While the drone was airborne, ParaZero‘s sensors were able to continuously monitor the flight path, scanning for abnormalities. After detecting a critical failure, the safety system triggered the flight termination system, which shut down the powers to the rotors. Also, the patented parachute launcher deployed the parachute to full canopy in under a second, safely landing the drone and the payload, thereby minimizing the impact.

ParaZero‘s CEO, Eden Attias, said, “Our drone safety system proved yet again that it can save the drone and the payload in real-life situations. We are happy we could assist our customer in safeguarding their costly equipment during their operations, resulting in continuous operations.”

ParaZero, which specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of drone safety solutions for commercial drones, has developed the SafeAir safety box. The box monitors drone flight operations, and if drone failure occurs, it triggers a patented ballistic parachute to enact a controlled descent rate, warning bystanders below and communicating with the UTM (Unmanned Traffic System).

According to the ParaZero site, “SafeAir uses independent sensors to monitor the drone’s systems and flight patterns to detect critical failures, and identify emergencies. During emergency an autonomous parachute system is activated.”

SafeAir provides affordable commercial aviation reliability. Last resort, risk mitigation & energy reduction system. Each system is heavily tested in multiple flight scenarios to provide drone recovery during all types of emergencies.”

ParaZero actively works to improve drone safety and industry standards,

In UAS flight, safety is a critical issue, and ParaZero presented our drone safety system as one of the safety solutions enabling flight over groups of people,” said Attias after participating in FAA-sponsored testing of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also called drones for potential flight over people in controlled airspace.

By participating in these IPPs, ParaZero is working with industry stakeholders to further UAS safety and exposing the industry to our solution ParaZero will continue working with these partners to further the use of UAS safety solutions based on our systems and the use of UAS in everyday activities,” he added.

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