Have you ever considered making a skydive for the first time and then decided against it because you were afraid? It’s perfectly understandable that you would suffer from a little skydive anxiety before jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet above the ground. Not only is there no safety net beneath you in case something goes awry, but also, because gravity will have you hauling toward the Earth so fast, there’s no time to think of loads of soft landing alternatives before you make contact with the ground. And lastly, because it’s just really freaking high up there. Even if a person were not crippled by the paralyzing effects of skydive anxiety, the height at which they will jump can still have a dizzying effect.

The thing is though, skydiving is actually an exceedingly safe activity. Majority of mishaps that occur are the result of a person actually doing something incorrectly that results in an accident as opposed to the inherent nature of the skydive itself. In fact, you are more likely to be injured driving to Arby’s down the road then while on a skydive. For those of you that don’t buy into statistical rhetoric, you can always ask around drop zones or speak to veteran skydivers on blogs. They will be happy to tell you that out of the thousands of jumps they have executed, the majority were just fine. The sheer fact that you are able to ask them and they are around to answer is proof in itself that you can skydive and survive it and more importantly have hella fun too!

If We Still Haven’t Convinced You, Consider the Following Tips to Help You Conquer Your Fears and Just Go for It

We talked statistics briefly, now let’s touch upon the process. Professional skydivers and drop zones at which they generally spend their time or work aren’t going to send a novice skydiver out there all on their own. It’s recommended that first time skydivers participate in a tandem jump initially. A tandem jump is precisely what the word indicates. You jump in tandem with a skydiving professional. This is because until you have received adequate training in every eventuality you really aren’t prepared to jump solo. You aren’t familiar with the equipment or the physical principles that make the skydive a possibility, to begin with. This is why a tandem instructor jumps alongside you, well attached to your backside via a secure harness. They assume the responsibility for the functional portions of the jump. For example, the free fall, steering the canopy, the chute deployment, and landing. You get to revel in the insane incredibleness of the experience.

The instructor will be wearing a rig that contains a number of pieces of equipment, each serving to make your jump the safest and most exhilarating ever. Inside the container portion of the rig are a pilot chute and main canopy. The pilot chute or drogue in a tandem jump deploys first and in some cases, essentially helps to pull the main from the container. Generally, in a tandem jump, the drogue’s purpose is to slow the descent of and stabilize the pair of jumpers. Two people jumping is considerably more weight than one so the rate at which they descend will be more rapid. The drogue deploys and hangs about during free fall, which is one of the most amazing few seconds you will ever participate in your life, and then the skydiving instructor will deploy the main and you will float covered by the canopy back down to the landing location. Additionally, the skydiving instructor will wear an altimeter on their wrist to help them determine the right moment (velocity in conjunction with altitude) to deploy the main and the rig further contains a device called an automatic activation device (AAD) which will deploy the reserve should you approach the hard deck too quickly without the main deployed. See and you thought it was just fly up in the air, jump and hope for the best. Nah, it’s complicated, to say the least, and very safe!

Trying new things is always scary, and skydive anxiety isn’t anything to take lightly but if you have a passion for adrenaline pumping activities and love for the great wide open, participating in a first time skydive is a no-brainer. The truth is, once you are on the jump plane you’ll soon realize that there is little to fear, while you are surrounded by other jumpers and instructors

Yes, tandem skydives take place thousands of feet above the ground but aerial views offer an amazing perspective on the world and we guarantee that most of you that say “what the hell” and just do it will be wanting to jump again the very same day. Thus allowing you to close the book on your skydive anxiety and fear of free falling for good.

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