This first-ever Egyptian aerial sports festival, Egypt Air Games 2018 , kicked off on April 25th in Cairo. Spectators and attendees saw skydivers fly over Giza’s ancient monuments and included a number of other attractions.

As people living in Arab countries do not have easy access to activities like skydiving and therefore may not know much about them. Organizers felt that not only would younger generations be inspired to try new things but also, Arab athletes who actively participate could learn new techniques and gain insight from their Western peers.

The Egypt Air Games 2018 festival, organized by Sky Sports EG Company in conjunction with the Egyptian Air Sports Federation commenced on the 25th of April and lasted throughout the 29th.

Participants which included up to 60 plus skydivers and paramotor pilots from across the globe were able to fly above Giza’s ancient monument complex which includes the great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, as well as lesser-known, smaller pyramids and a primitive cemetery.

Spectators witnessed the spectacle while waiting at the base of the complex and were treated to a number of other attractions. In an attempt to establish a new world record, fans watched as a paramotor carried the largest flag ever flown.

The Egypt Air Games 2018 certainly seemed to not only thrill and impress the crowd but the participants as well. Several of the athletes mentioned that they enjoyed the experience and should the event occur in the following years, they would be very likely to return and will invite their fellow athletes and compatriots to attend.

Photo Courtesy: Sky Sports EG, Egypt Air Games 2018, Facebook

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