The Windy Warrior Adrenaline Therapy project is giving back to veterans in an unusual way – giving them the thrill of a lifetime through skydiving!

The first adventure took place airborne at 10,000 feet in Pittsfield Maine, with two local veterans taking to the big blue sky with the help of this adventurous program. The aim is to give those veterans with PTSD or other mood disorders a jump start back into civilian life by providing an exciting outing that will boost morale, ease tension, and reward them for time served. So far the program is a resounding success.

Here is what Vicki Morgan, who’s husband is a veteran, had to say via Facebook:

“What an amazing experience! The Windy Warrior/The Maine Veterans Project just took 10 Veterans Skydiving and my husband was one of them! Two hours after the jump my husband is still smiling ear to ear! I CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH! Thank You!”

Brit Young had this to say about the Maine Veterans project:

“MVP does great work in our state. Constantly adapting to the needs of local veterans!”

The Maine Veterans Project provides assistance to service members in a variety of ways and providing recreational activities like skydiving is producing thumbs up, all ’round. Ask any skydiver and they will tell you that the feeling you get when you jump out of an airplane is unrivaled. It is the feeling of being totally alive! Not to mention the awesome views and incredible photos and video that can be taken from the air.

The Windy Warrior project makes memories for veterans and their families who get to capture their loved one’s jump in photos. Veterans’ friends and family wait in anticipation in the drop zone, an area on the ground with picnic tables and refreshments. From here, they can witness first-hand the final descent and landing. The skydiver arrives at the drop zone amid cheers and congratulations. It is enough to make anybody feel appreciated and welcomed!

Some vets are fulfilling a lifelong dream and have been thinking about going skydiving since childhood. Others say their friends who have passed away in the line of duty make them especially appreciative of the beautiful things in life, so they relish the opportunity to go skydiving and take in the beauty of nature to feel more connected to the world.

One veteran who has three purple hearts and two bronze stars with combat VALOR is one of the most decorated veterans in the entire state of Maine. Even though this man has been through extreme combat situations, skydiving with the Maine Veterans Project Windy Warriors is something he will always remember.

The program is a way that appreciative community members can celebrate veterans and their contributions to society in a fun and refreshing way. Vacationland Skydiving has a 20 dollar fund so anyone can make a donation and help to pay for a veteran’s skydiving trip. Call for details and help the Maine Veteran’s Project provide these guys with the thrill of a lifetime! Smiles included.

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