Tandem Parachute Jumping

Tandem Parachute Jumping

Impress yourself! Go Tandem Parachute Jumping!

If you've ever wondered about what kind of stuff you're made of, try tandem parachute jumping and see what you'll find out. We guarantee that after you complete your tandem parachute jump, your self-esteem will be soaring. You've got the right stuff.

Tandem parachute jumping, also known as tandem skydiving, is mainly for first time parachute jumpers. It is one of the wonderful extreme sports that gets your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing, and your spirit exhilarated.

Tandem parachute jumping is your best choice for a first time parachute jump. It requires minimal training for someone who wants to get his or her feet wet. Your harness is connected to that of your instructor who is behind you throughout the parachute jump.

Tandem parachute jumping is also the safest way to make that first jump. It is also very reassuring to have someone right there telling you what to do and encouraging you that you will indeed live through it. It's certainly a great way to confront any fear you may have about jumping into the infinite ocean of sky.

After you check in at the drop zone for your tandem parachute jumping experience and with your videographer (if you ordered a DVD video package), you go directly to ground school. There you will learn all the basics of aeronautics that you'll need to make your tandem parachute jumping adventure. You'll learn how to exit the aircraft when your given the go ahead, when and how to release the parachute, how to manipulate the parachute, and how to land. You'll know all you need to know for your tandem parachute jumping experience.

Okay. You lived through that. Now it's time to gear up and get into the plane. Your pilot will take you to an altitude between 10,000 (only 2 miles) to 14,000 feet. Before your tandem parachute jumping journey begins, your instructor checks all your hooks and straps to make sure everything is A-OK. Then it's time to fly!

After a quick exit from the airplane, you're freefalling at 120 miles per hour. Whoa! Yet, in an instant, actually about 60 seconds, your instructor signals you to pull the ripcord and open your canopy.

Suddenly, everything changes. You slow down. The wind is no longer roaring in your ears, and you are sweetly deafened by the glorious silence. The hush and slower speed gives you time to see the landscape below. It's heaven and you're still alive.

If you'd like, and if your instructor is confident that you can manage it, you may be allowed to control the parachute during your peaceful descent. This is a very instructive part of tandem parachute jumping because you get to feel the air currents and see how they affect the direction of your parachute.

After about 5 to 10 minutes of a blissful parachute ride, or at about 1,000 feet, your instructor signals that it's time to prepare for landing. He will tell you exactly what to do so that your landing will be as safe as possible.

When you catch your breath, you'll realize you've done what others before you dared not, and that feels extraordinarily good – you have actually gone tandem parachute jumping! You probably can't wipe that smile off your face, but that's okay. All the regulars see this every day.

To prove that you really did go tandem parachute jumping, and that it wasn't a dream, you may receive a certificate of achievement. If you chose to have your tandem parachute jump videotaped, you should receive a DVD of it to remind you forever of your first skydive and parachute flight.

Tandem Parachute Jumping

It's never been documented how long a smile stays on the face of someone who has gone tandem parachute jumping for the first time, but one thing is for sure — you're hooked.

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Tandem Parachute Jumping Tandem Parachute JumpingTandem Parachute JumpingTandem Parachute Jumping Tandem Parachute Jumping
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