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Don't let one of the most memorable experiences of your life go undocumented. Your extreme sports skydive experience is something that needs to be recorded for posterity! And, if there are any friends who don't believe that you really did jump out of an airplane with a parachute from 2 miles up in the air, you will have the evidence to prove it.

Pre-Skydive Interview

For those doing a tandem skydive, and for those who chose an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydive for the first time, our professionally trained videographer, a licensed skydiver in his own right, will conduct a short pre-jump interview on the ground. He'll ask you questions like, "How do you feel right now?", and "What made you decide to go skydiving?", and "Do you feel like running away at this moment?"

Fully Covered Experience

The videographer will accompany you and your instructor(s) in the airplane until you reach the appropriate altitude for your skydive. With a helmet-mounted video camera, he will videotape your exit jump from the aircraft, and, because he is also an expert skydiver, he will manipulate his movements to get under your altitude during freefall and catch the gleeful or terrified expression on your face.

Stick the Landing

Next, the videographer will land before you do to capture your landing. His final taping will be a post-jump interview recording your live, on-the-spot reactions to your skydive. It will not surprise him if you are smiling ear to ear – he's been around a lot of skydivers. You will receive a 5-7 minute video set to music and, depending on how busy he is, your DVD will be ready within an hour, or sent to you through the mail.

Skydive Video

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