Parachuting Gift Certificates

Parachuting Gift Certificates

The Best Gift for Any Occasion!

When you give one of our gift certificates for parachuting, be sure to have a camera on hand (unless you want it sent directly to the person receiving it). It might be the only time you'll see the recipient slack-jawed, eyes bulging, perhaps alarmed, and stunned into silence.

Once composure is restored, you'll be able to explain the type of gift certificate you have given.


Tandem Skydiving

There is nothing to worry about with tandem skydiving! He/she will be attached to a certified instructor for the entire skydiving experience. The freefall lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds and is followed by a 5 to 7 minute canopy ride back to the ground. The instructor will take care of all the leg work so he/she can take in every second of his/her very first tandem skydiving experience!

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

You'll want to give this skydiving gift certificate to someone who has some skydiving experience. Unlike a tandem skydive, there will be no attached instructor to guide your loved one through the air; however, two certified instructors will be attached to their own parachute and accompany your loved one to the ground. Most parachuting facilities require between 1 and 3 tandem skydives before being able to complete the first level of accelerated freefalls.

Video Packages

Video packages are available for both tandem skydiving and accelerated free fall experiences. A videographer will capture your entire experience; before boarding the plane, while the plane climbs to altitude, your entire parachuting experience, and your landing, as well! We highly recommend this option for any first time skydivers!

No Matter the Occasion

No matter what the occasion is, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Mother or Father's Day, graduation, holiday or Valentine's Day, our parachuting gift certificates are sure to WOW the recipient. There is no rush to use the gift certificate, as it is valid for two years. In addition, it can be used at a number of our drop zone facilities.

Parachuting Gift Certificates

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